Rescuing excess meals from restaurants/hotels/private parties, repacking it and distributing it to the less fortunate at our marked locations around Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Working since 2009, we have successfully served more than 100,000 beneficiaries saving almost the same number of excess meals from buffet tables. The process is simple and involves the following activities:

  • Identifying locations for excess meals through our social media pages. People contact us or we reach out to them for supporting our cause.
  • Recruiting volunteers for different parts of the city to rescue meals.
  • Identifying locations where these food packs can be distributed.
  • Meal pack distribution.
  • Reporting in the form of audio/video/images

Feed A Family (FAF)

Providing ration bags with basic amenities including flour, sugar, tea, cooking oil and spices to low income families identified through a specified process. Working since 2011, Thali has distributed around ration bags to around 38,000 families around Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Tharparkar and the Northern Areas. Each ration bag is about 32kgs and includes:

  • Flour
  • Mixed pulses
  • Sugar
  • Tea
  • Cooking Ghee
  • Spices

Each bag is enough to support a family of 4-5 people for about 30 days. The activities included in the project are:

  • Identification of beneficiaries (through survey and visiting potential beneficiaries)
  • Procurement of material
  • Distribution
  • Reporting using images/videos

Smiles Of Youth (SOY)

A project for diagnosis and treatment of those who do not have access to dental facilities and oral health awareness. Working since 2016 around Islamabad and Rawalpindi, team SOY has visited more than 30 free schools and orphanages to treat patients with different dental issues. Led by Dr. Mahroo Nazish, SOY is working towards the following:

  • Oral health awareness program
  • Free dental camps with free medicine distribution
  • Schools oral health program
  • Programs regarding protection of tooth decay
  • Minor oral procedures to eliminate pain and discomfort
  • Awareness program for prevent against spread of infections
  • Awareness program on the importance of sterilization

Till date, SOY has treated 3000 patients, completed 5 successful awareness campaigns, distributed around 3000 dental and women hygiene kits and a large number of free medicine packs.


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