Work Plan


  • Our major activities aim at feeding the less fortunate whether individually or collectively, and partner with such other organizations having synonymous aims and objectives.  
  • To acquire, build, set up and maintain resources for providing food, clothing, shelter to the undeserving, and undertake activities and operations for making the cause self sustainable and approachable.
  • To initiate and, facilitate or undertake all kinds of humanitarian pursuits such as building networks, facilities, centers and shelters for sustainable development of the members of deserving segments of society.

With operations in Islamabad & Rawalpindi, THALI aims at spreading its target beneficiaries to other cities in Pakistan, sustaining every man, woman and child neglected by society by giving them a helping hand, a reason to smile and eventually instating a self dependency to face life with full vigor.

Our programs for 2010 include campaigns on nutrition, education, sanitary awareness & trainings to empower the low income bread earners to support their families, apart from our ongoing projects.

Our Quality Assurance Measures:

  • Six monthly audits
  • Records of transactions
  • Photographic evidence of activities
  • Video evidence of activities (at times)
  • Monthly reports

Our Marketing Strategy:

  • Vehicle banners with food bags with Thali branding
  • Donation boxes placed in various location in the twin cities
  • Posters placed in different shops/markets, educational institutions & restaurants
  • Media press releases
  • Word of mouth
  • Charity events
  • Media coverage

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