A graduate from Gordon College Rawalpindi, Mr. Qazi comes from a well known Qazi family of Jallundhar, India. His grandfather was the President of Jallundhar, India. An ex-industrialist and a business man, he owns lands in Jhelum, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. He has a lot of charity work to his name including an educational institute for girls, wedding ceremonies of the less fortunate, medical sponsorship etc.
She belongs to a well known Sayyed family of East Punjab, India. Her father was the President of Pakistan Muslim League in Lahore and grandfather the President of Jallundhar, India. She received her primary education from Lahore Convent and Bachelors from Lahore College. She has worked with recognized institutions of Islamabad and Rawalpindi including Magma School & College, OPF Girls College, International Grammar School and College. She has been involved in charity work even before the inception of Thali and takes active interest in women and child well-being projects.

DR. URSULA JOGEZAI – Adviser Dr. Ursala Jogezai is a dental surgeon by profession. She graduated with a Bachelor in Dentistry from Lahore in 2003 and completed her specialist training in restorative dentistry from Islamabad in 2009.  Additionally, she has earned an MBA in International Business from University of Southern Queensland in Feb 2009. Being a very dynamic individual, Dr. Jogezai has been involved in various social welfare and extra-curricular activities in the past few years. She part founded Thali in 2009 with Zoone Hasan Sultan.

Her interests include, but are not limited to, reading, writing, politics, travelling, yoga/meditation, quantum physics and psychology. She has also written various articles on topics ranging from politics to sports. Some of her work has been published in news papers, blogs, magazines and e-zines.

SAYYEDA  ZOONE HASAN SULTAN – Chief Executive Officer

Zoone has an MBA from the University of Southern Queensland in International Business. Zoone has been involved with social work since a long time; from teaching kids of the less fortunate to sponsoring education and collecting funds for weddings of the poor she has been involved in the lot of work. She has also been involved in teaching computers to O-level students and doing training workshops at management level for different ministries. She is an aspiring photographer, enjoys writing poetry and freelances as a graphic designer.

MOHAMMAD HASAN SULTAN – VP Business Development

Hasan holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Development from Bahria University, Islamabad. Vice President Business Development and Partnerships at Thali. Now working for the less fortunate here in Pakistan, Hasan has spent most of his time in the US working for companies like Sprint-Nextel, the third largest wireless telecommunications network in the U.S. and also at CarMax, the largest used-car retailer in the U.S. and a Fortune 500 company.


Dr. Mahroo Nazish has been practicing since 2010. Before starting her own practice, she worked as an associate dentist for some of the renowned dental practices in Islamabad. She enjoys dentistry and has a passion for treating children (we can tell you, children love her!). She dedicates her free time to Smiles of Youth, a non-governmental organization that she founded in 2016. Through SOY, she and her team of volunteers provide basic treatment, medicines and oral health awareness to disadvantaged children.

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