Thali-an effort

Tha∙li (Thä-lē) n.¹ An organization making an effort feeding the less fortunate through meals the more fortunate take for granted. n.² an idea/concept that should be practised by all to prevent the wastage of food and to help the needy by sharing fresh meals or leftovers . v.¹ Tha∙li as in “Thali it”™, re-packing/rescuing untouched excess food in a takeaway bag and giving it to the first needy person you see. v.² “Khaali Karo ya Thali karo ™/Khaali it or Thali it™ , ie. Eat all the food on your plate, or “Thali it”™!

Thali tries to rescue food to feed those in need. We are a non-denominational food rescue charity. We collect excess fresh food that would otherwise be thrown away by corporate offices, private, restaurants, caterers, wedding halls, etc. The food collected is of a high quality and would normally be thrown away.

Thali is a non-profit organization and is registered as a Trust under the Government of Pakistan. It came into existence with the objective of feeding the less fortunate through meals the more fortunate take for granted. Food, being the most basic human need, is denied to many. At Thali, we intend to begin with addressing this necessity.

Started as an effort in 2007, and established as a formal legal entity in August 2009, Thali has effectively completed many projects to date, and currently working on the following four:

  • Smiles Of Youth – an oral health awareness, diagnosis and treatment for those who do not have access to dental facilities.
  • Food For Thought –  Working with local free schools to provide them meals, stationery, arrange annuals events, outings and provide medical support.
  • Be My Guest – Rescuing excess meals from restaurants/hotels/private parties, repacking it and distributing it to the less fortunate at our marked locations around Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
  • Feed A Family – Providing ration bags with basic amenities including flour, sugar, tea, cooking oil and spices to low income families identified through a specified process.

With operations in Islamabad & Rawalpindi, Thali aims at spreading its target beneficiaries to other cities in Pakistan, sustaining every man, woman and child neglected by society by giving them a helping hand, a reason to smile and eventually instating a self dependency to face life with full vigor.

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